NanoGlobes Intelligent PIN PADS for EFTPOS and PIN entry
NanoGlobes Ltd (NGL), EFTPOS PIN Pad has been designed to interface to the NGL EFTPOS
System “ POS_Master”, for providing CHIP & PIN facility. It has been designed to be used by
the customers for authorising credit or debit card transactions by inputting their PIN number
using the keyboard on the pin pad. NGL PIN pad has a two line LCD display for displaying the
amount of money involved in the transaction. The keyboard has 14 keys allowing numbers
from 0 to 9 to be typed as well as, Cancel, Clear and OK keys. NGL EFTPOS PIN pad connects
to the NGL EFTPOS system by means of integrated and supplied cable.

In order to provide added security when the customers type their credit or debit card PIN
numbers by means of the PIN Pad keyboard, the keyboard is shielded by a small wall
surrounding the keyboard from three directions.

A stand alone RS232 version for connecting to various third parties equipments is also availabal.
8051 compatible 8 bit microcontroller 24Mhz
122 x 32 pixel graphic LCD display with viewable area of 52.4 mm X 13.7mm
14 Keyes
135 mm X 80mm X40mm
Model Number
Pos-Master PIN-Pad                                                   Model 2061
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Technical Specifications