The Chip and Pin based Pos-Master II terminal by NanoGlobes is a user programmable versatile
smart and memory card transaction terminal specifically designed for the retail environment.
Pos-Master can be programmed to run multiple applications involving the use of smart and
memory cards simultaneously. It can process a debit or credit card as well as cards for any
specific loyalty or private schemes.

Pos-Master is user friendly to the customers and vendors alike due to having a large graphic LCD
display and colourful keys. In areas where customers are required to type in their pin number,
there is an optional pin pad unit which connects to the Pos-Master by means of a coiled cable.
The pin pad has its own keyboard and a graphic LCD display.

The graphic LCD display on the Pos-Master is capable of displaying various shapes and alphabets
allowing customisation of the Pos-Masters for the countries in which they are to be deployed.
Pos-Master can be interfaced to an existing point of sales equipment through its inbuilt
communication ports.

The internal V.22 bis modem can be used to obtain real time transaction authorization from the
bank or upload transaction journals on demand or at a pre set time. Pos-Master is able to receive
and execute encrypted commands or a new application from the remote host reducing the
maintenance cost.

The Pos-Master fast thermal printer with 60mm wide paper and quick change clamp shell paper
roll mechanism, allows receipt and any other transactions record to be printed at high speed.

Pos-Master has been designed for the sales counter operation but due to its small compact size
and an inbuilt rechargeable batteries, it can be use as a mobile on line transaction terminal by
the addition of optional GSM module.

Pos-Master accepts two full size smart cards as well as 3 SIM cards (option for up to 6 SIMs). Off
line transactions can be recorded on to the retailers card as well as being kept in battery backed
up or NAND Flash memory for uploading to a central site at a later time.

  • 128 x 64  pixel graphic display
  • Keypad with 24 keys
  • Two full size smart card connectors
  • Three SIM Modules connectors (option for total of 6).
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Power Management
  • RS232 Serial Communication Port
  • RS422 Serial Communication Port
  • Thermal Graphics Printer
  • V22, V22 bis Dial Up Modem (option for V32, V34 and V90)
  • Optional Pin Pad with keyboard and graphic display
  • CMOS components on a multilayer
Technical Specification
Samsung 32Bit ARM920T Core Processor 16K Instruction and Data
2 MByte Flash EEPROM ( option 4 or 8 ), 16 MByte SDRAM (for
512K SDRAM ( battery backed up ), ( option 4 or 8 MByte NAND Flash )
128 x 64 pixel graphic display with 8x16 character font, Manual
contrast control, option of back light
20 keys including 4 programmable function keys and one ON key  
Smart card reader ISO 7816-1-2-3, T=0 & T =1, EMV compatible
Two full size smart card receptors
SIM Modules receptors standard. option for 3 extra SIMs (Total of 6)
60mm paper wide fast thermal graphics printer, 33mm/s speed  
Communication Ports
1 X RS232 serial port with RJ45 connector.
Surge protected RxD, TxD, RTS, CTS, DSR, DTR, DCD, Gnd signal.
Baud Rate: 300, 600,1200, 1800, 2400, 3600, 4800, 9600, 19200,
38400, 57600,       76800, 115200
Parity: None, Odd, Even
Data Bits: 7 and 8
Stop Bits: 1 and 2
1 X RS422/485 port ( Not accessible when the Pin Pad is in use)
V22, V22 bis modem with RJ11 connector. option of V32, V34 and V90
Real Time Clock
Battery Backed Real Time Clock
On line and off line with battery backed up transaction storage facility
Operating System
Multi Tasking protected
Sealed 5 x AA size Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) re-chargeable cells.
In built fast charger.
External 9V D.C. @ 2000mA Mains Adapter (100~250 VAC)
Operating Temperature:  
0 C  to 40  C  
Storage Temparature:  
-10 C  to 70  C  
Relative Humidity:  
Up to 85%  
Size 255mm X 120mm X 85mm   
Model Number
Pos-Master                                              Model 1010
NanoGlobes Ltd (NGL) is able to supply an SDK for the Pos-Master ARM terminal to companies
that are interested in developing application software for the Pos-Master EFT Point Of Sale
terminal. ThePos-Master SDK consists of, object libraries, sample source code written in C and
documentation showing how to use the APIs to access various functions of the Pos-Master
software library. This SDK does not include any compiler or debugger which may be sourced from
other companies.

The Pos-Master software was developed using the Metroworks Codewarrior ARM Developer Suite
C/C++ Compiler. For more information on this compiler please contact NanoGlobes technical
department. The ARM developer suite includes support for certain JTAG based debuggers, such as
BDI, which allow source level debugging of the application software. Alternatively the GNU ARM
compliers can be used for application development. The GNU ARM compiler is a shareware and
free product. The SDK assumes the use of the NanoGlobes Software Library embedded within the
Pos-Master terminal at manufacturing time.

The embedded NGL Software Library provides operating system (OS) functions such as
Pre-emptive Multi tasking, Task Creation, Inter-task Messaging, Event Handling, and Timing
functions. In addition to the OS provisions the library also offers a high level hardware
independent interface to the Pos-Master peripherals, such as LCD display, Keypad, Smart Card
Reader/Writer, Printer, Modem, Magnetic Card reader and Serial ports.

Applications may be developed on a PC, using the developers chosen text editor. Once the
source files have been written they should be compiled using one of the NGL approved ARM
compilers. With all the application modules compiled successfully, the resulting object modules
may then be linked with the NGL Library Interface module. The NGL Library Interface module is a
small file which provides access to the embedded library functions of the Pos-Master terminal
from the user's application codes. The resulting binary image may then be downloaded from the
PC to the Pos-Master terminal via a RS232 serial link.

Once downloaded the application is stored in Flash memory. The downloaded application may
then be selected for execution from the Pos-Master system menu. Multiple applications can be
downloaded into the Pos-Master terminal to handle different schemes. Special model of the
Pos-Master terminal is available for software development. This special model has a built in JTAG
connector which can be used with JTAG debuggers to give full software debugging capabilities.
This allows the developer to directly load application modules into the Pos -Master terminal and
debug their application using breakpoints, and single stepping through the code, with full source
code compatibility.

Limited debugging facilities is available through the serial ports without a need for JTAG.
NanoGlobes Ltd is also in a position to supply and support a comprehensive set of back office
software for remotely supporting Pos-Masters in the field.
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Information for Developers and OEMs
Software Development Kit (SDK)