SmarTTouch, Palm Size Smart Card Terminal
AmarTTouch Terminal
SmarTTouch by NanoGlobes Ltd (NGL), is a hand-held smart card data transaction terminal which
utilises the latest Liquid Crystal touch screen display technology. Commands and required actions
are selected from the on-screen menu by simply touching the LCD with a stylus or a pen. The LCD
has a large 320 X 240 dots capability and has a viewing area of 80 X 62 mm.

SmarTTouch is a multi purpose smart and memory card reader/writer which accepts two full size
smart cards and two SIM cards simultaneously. SmarTTouch can be used for off-line money
transactions such as transferring money from customer's smart card to the retailers smart card.
Exchange of information facilities between smart cards and SIM cards allows money or royalty
points to be transferred from one card to another.

Service industries, such as healthcare, police and traffic police can benefit from the SmarTTouch
technology where data is entered via the touch screen can be used to update information on the
smart cards.

A powerful operating system within the SmarTTouch is capable of executing various customized
applications and displaying messages in different languages. The graphic LCD is capable of
displaying various letters or shapes due to the soft font capability of the SmarTTouch.

Power management is handled by the operating system in order to preserve the rechargeable
batteries. After an inactivity timeout, SmarTTouch is switched to standby mode and awakens
automatically when a card is inserted or the LCD screen is touched.

SmarTTouch has a software development package for OEMs, allowing customised application
programs to be written on the PC and downloaded to the unit through its RS232 serial port. The
serial port can also be used for attaching a printer or a high speed modem.

To transform the SmarTTouch to a handheld online EFPOS transaction terminal a GSM phone can be
connected to the serial port.

SmarTTouch has an in-built fast charger as well as a trickle charger for keeping the two MH-NI
batteries fully charged. The fast charger and trickle charger uses power supplied by a suitable
external 6 Volts DC power supply.

SmarTTouch has been designed and manufactured to ISO 9002 quality standards, using state of
the art components and technology.

  • Large 320 x 240 pixel graphic display
  • LCD viewing area 77 mm x 58 mm
  • No Keyboard - Touch Screen - for data input
  • Two full size Smart card receptors
  • Two Sam card connectors
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Inbuilt fast charger
  • Power Management
  • Standard RS232 for attaching printer or modem
  • IrDA port ( Transmit & receive data )
  • Hand Held - Pocket Size
Technical Specification
Motorola DragonBall Integrated Processor 3.3 Volts fully static
Flash Memory
4 MBit (256KByte ) standard, 8 or 16 MBit ( 1 or 2 MByte)
Static Ram
4 MBit (512KByte) standard Battery backed up (optional)
Real Time Clock
Battery backed up clock Year 2000 compliance
Piezo-electric buzzer
320*240 Pixel graphic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with integral
Touch Screen.
Characters can be defined as 8*8 or 16*16 pixels.
Approx. 40 characters by 30 lines.
Contrast levels are controlled by the processor using a digital
User fixes the contrast level by touching the screen when the
contrast reach the required level.
Back light option
Smart Card
2 smart card slots
T = 0 & 1 ( 5 Volt VPP)
option: 2 SIM card connectors . One SIM is in parallel with one
of the smart card slot
One port (cable is option) for connecting to serial printer or
external modem.
IrDA, Infra-Redinterface
Communication Option: For transmitting and receiving data
using Infra-Red eg: printer
Power supply
Main Battery:
Two AA size Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride) cells
4 Hours in-build fast charger is standard
option: external 6V DC Power supply
Backup Battery:
Coin type lithium battery.
Standard Compliance
ISO 7816 1-3 (5 Volt VPP)
CE Approved
Operating Temperature:
0 C to 40 C
Storage Temparature:
-10 C to 70 C
Relative Humidity:
Up to 85%
175mm X 92mm X 25 mm
Model Number
SmarTTouch Model 1001
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