Four and Eight Port RJ45 Serial Universal PCI Adapter
RapidComms is an ultra high speed buffered communication adapter specially designed by
NanoGlobes Ltd (NGL), for current and future high performance computers. It is designed to fit into
standard PCI, PCI 3.3Volt and PCI-X slots. It does rely on the PCI Bus 3.3 Volts supply to function
and to deliver its outstanding reliability and performance.

User’s investment in RapidComms has been  protected by the use of an efficient 32-bit, 33MHz PCI
Bus Controller fully compliant to PCI Local Bus specification 3.0 and PCI Power Management
Specification 1.1. This ensures that the adapter will function in any new or old computers
supporting these standards.

The availability of 128-byte deep internal FIFO for each transmitter and receiver ports allows
simultaneous data throughput of 15Mbps (bits per second) on all ports.  The maximum
asynchronous speed on each port has been set to a more practical value of 460,800bps or about
46 KBytes of data per second by NanoGlobes supplied software drivers.

RapidComms is manufactured in 4 and 8 ports RS232 or RS485/RS422 versions. Each port on the
adapter is terminated by a shielded RJ45 connector. The 4 ports adapter has four RJ45 fitted on
the adapter card at the end bracket side. The 8 port version has 4 ports on the adapter card and
4 ports plus the required RS322 or RS485/RS422 drivers on a small expansion card with its own
RJ45 connectors and bracket.  It is possible to have 8 ports with four RS232 and Four

Pursuing trouble and maintenance free, as well as,  long working life for RapidComms adapters
has been one of the goals of our design team. Apart from designing an adapter which only uses
3.3Volts supply to reduce heat and extend components working life, the best and most reliable
RS232 and RS485/422 integrated circuit drivers has been specified and used. As a result, each
signal on each port of the RapidComms adapters has been ESD (Electro Static Discharge)
protected to ±15KV Human Body Model, ±15KV Air Discharge and ±8KV Contact Discharge. This
means there is less chance of any of the ports being damaged by accidental short circuit of
external cables or data line spikes.

Compatibility with old industry standards has been maintained by RapidComms UARTs being fully
software compatible with 16C550-type devices.

RapidComms are supplied with WINDOWS and LINUX software drivers ready to be use. Up to 4
adapters can be fitted within one computer giving maximum of 32 ports. For Software Drivers
update please visit NanoGlobes web site.

Our aim at NanoGlobes has been to design a superior communication sub-system that can be
fitted and forgotten. RapidComms comes very close to that aim.
Half length, 5 layers, Plug and Play, Universal PCI communication
sub-system compliant to PCI Local Bus specification 3.0 and PCI Power
Management Specification 1.1. Up to four controllers can be plugged into
PCI, PCI 3.3 Volts and PCI-X slots. RapidComms uses 3.3 Volts supply from
the PCI bus
Type and Number
of Ports
RS232: 4 or 8 RS232 ports conforming to true EIA/TIA-232-F Standards and
Interoperable with EIA/TIA-232 and EIA/TIA-562.

RS485/RS422:  4 or 8 True full duplex RS485/RS422, short-circuit current

Each port on the RapidComms controller features enhanced electrostatic
discharge (ESD) protection. All transmitter outputs and receiver inputs are
protected to ±15kV using IEC 1000-4-2 Air-Gap Discharge, ±8kV using IEC
1000-4-2 Contact Discharge, and  ±15kV using the Human Body Model.
Connectors Type
and Modem Signals
4 or 8 Shielded RJ45 connectors providing following signals:
RS232:              TX, RX, DTR, DSR, CTS, RTS and DCD
RS485/RS422:  TX+, TX-, RX+, RX-, CTS+,CTS-,DTR+, DTR-
Data Rate and
75 to 460,800 bits per second software selectable.
9-bit data framing in addition to 5, 6, 7 and 8 bits.
1, 1.5 and 2 Stop bits.
Odd, Even or No Parity.
Working Temp
-40 C to 105 C
L 130mm , H 110mm
Model Numbers
RapidComms 4 Port RS232
RapidComms 8 Port RS232
RapidComms 4 Port RS485/RS422
RapidComms 8 Port RS485/RS422
RapidComms 8 Port  4 X RS485/RS422 + 4 X RS232

Option:  5 or 12 Volts power routing to Pin 1 of
the        RJ45 connectors on the first 4 ports.
Model    1114
Model    1118
Model    1124
Model    1128
Model    1138

Model    1114P
Model    112
Available Drivers
Windows, Linux and OS/2
Available Options:
RapidComms 4 port versions can be factory fitted with a set of jumpers which facilitate 5 or 12
Volts supply from the PCI bus to be routed to PIN 1 of the RJ45 connector on a per port bases.
This optional facility permits external peripherals which are connected and obtaining their data
through the RJ45 port, also obtain their power from that port. This facility is mainly desirable
when RapidComms controller is used for controlling point of sales or data logging equipments
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