SmartDome USB Smart Card Reader / Writer for Pcs
NanoGlobes "Smart-Dome" is an add-on stand alone USB or serial port smart plastic card reader
and writer housed in an attractive compact dome shaped enclosure.

The ergonomic shape of the Smart-Dome, with it's positive locking EMV approved card receptor,
housed within the dome, ensures several million trouble free card transactions.

Smart-Dome has been designed with the needs and convenience of end users in mind.
Smart-Dome can be integrated into any scheme which utilises smart cards for protecting sensitive
or proprietary information. It can be used for verification of identity in access control or for
authorising payments over the Internet in an e-compere transaction or home banking.

From a technical aspect, the Smart-Dome USB or serial port (SP) range supports T=0 and T=1
protocols and reads and writes to and from most microprocessor and memory based smart cards
conforming to ISO 7816 and its derivatives. NanoGlobes is able to manufacture this product in any
colour required by OEMs.

Smart-Dome is easily connected and integrated into systems using the supplied and supported
NGL software drivers for various operating systems.

NanoGlobes Ltd  is a design and manufacturing company specialising in point of sales transaction
credit card terminals and communication systems. NanoGlobes is in a position to modify any of its
existing products or design and manufacture new products to suite OEMs exact requirements.

  • Cost effective solution for enabling PCs to read and write smart cards
  • Option of USB or RS232 port connection
  • No external power supply, power obtained from keyboard for RS232 version
  • Compact and elegant casing suitable for homes and offices
  • Support for wide range of smart and memory cards
  • support for wide range of operating systems including Windows 2000 and Windows XP
  • Supplied with all the necessary cables and software, ready to use
  • Extensive APIs for programmers
  • designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom
Technical Specification

  • compliant with ISO 7816 and PC/SC
  • Reads and writes smart processor and memory cards
  • supports T=0 and T=1 protocols
  • Smart-Dome USB, connects to USB port of a PC by means of an integrated wire
  • Smart-Dome SP, Connects to RS232 port of a PC by means of D9 connector and obtains
    its power by tapping into the keyboard connector.
  • Communication speed up to 56700 bps for the RS232 version
  • Dimension: 80 mm X 80mm X H 60mm
  • weight : 200gm
Model Number
Smart-Dome USB
Model 1070
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