WLAN-Minder, Wireless LAN Biometrics Based Two Factor Security Centre
WLAN-Minder is a secure, hacker proof control centre for provision, management and
administration of
Wireless LAN networks (WLAN). It offers enhanced Wireless LAN security by
granting access only to clients possessing a personalized pre-programmed secure tokens like smart
card, USB dongles and other biometric devices. Once the user token is connected to a computer,
that computer is configured according to the information present on the token and the user is
automatically connected and logged on to the allowed systems.

Based on years of NanoGlobes experience in communication and smart card technology,
provides an open standard AAA (Authentication, Authorisation and  Accounting) system by
implementing a
RADIUS based access, management and control centre incorporating and rigidly
enforcing a hacker proof biometrics based strong
two factor security tactics. All these facilities are
housed within a small self contain, robust, reliable and noise free locally or remotely configurable

WLAN-Minder unique and simple to use solution can be deployed to support different wireless LAN
topology and business models like, Enterprise solution, Hotspots solution and Community Network
WLAN-Minder open and standardised solution enables billing, network management and
user customisation tailored to the needs of any organization.

WLAN-Minder has pre-installed software which is based on IEEE 802.1x standard allowing a wide
variety of authentication and connection techniques for wireless and wired LANs. A Smart Media
card is used for configuration, back up / restore.
WLAN-Minder also includes a user-friendly
application for issuing and management of secure tokens. The management functions can be
protected by an administrator token and it’s associated PIN.
WLAN-Minder is an stand-alone
controller and the initial configuration of the unit may be performed via USB or RS232. Once the
basic network parameters have been configured, all management of the unit is performed via web
browser (HTTP) using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection.


  • Intruders can eavesdrop and obtain wireless LAN Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs) and
    Media Access Control (MAC) addresses, in order to steal the credentials of an authorised

  • Hackers can force a rogue station between an authorised station and an access point and
    therefore route all traffic through the rogue station (man-in-the-middle attacks).

  • Intruders can spoof authorised users from the Wireless LAN, as well as introducing
    viruses and stealing valuable company information.

  • User’s access time and information accessed cannot be controlled or monitored for
    security and billing purposes.
WiFi-WLAN-Minder Topology Picture
WiFi Two Factor AAA Security centre, WLAN-Minder Front pannel Picture
Easy to set up
WLAN-Minder unique and proprietary solution automatically sets up the Wireless LAN
secure connection, so the end user doesn't need to configure the security connection. The
user will only connect the pre programmed token (smart card, eToken, biometric token) to
his/her PC and key in their PIN number to automate the authentication and customised
authorisation. The option of just connecting via login and password is also included.
WLAN-Minder protects small businesses as well as corporate LANs.

Smart card / eToken personalisation
WLAN-Minder is used for issuing users smart cards or eTokens which ensure automatic and
secure Wireless LAN set up. The management system is accessed via HTTP (web browser).

Use of PKI
The security mechanism in the WLAN-Minder authentication solution is based on Public Key
Infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificates. Protecting the end-user's private key is
essential to the integrity of a PKI. The highest degree of protection available against
malicious use is offered by a physical cryptographic token such as a smart card or an
eToken. These tokens are used to store keys so that they can never be retrieved, duplicated
or tampered with.

Stand-alone self-contained system
WLAN-Minder is a dedicated AAA (Authentication, Authorisation, Accounting) radius server
based on open standards. The WLAN-Minder includes a Smart Media card for configuration
back up / restore, keeping system downtime to a minimum.

Strong security
Strong 2-factor security (smart card or eToken) plus PIN entry in combination with mutual
authentication (user and WLAN-Minder) using the innovative EAP-TLS security protocol.
Data is protected against wireless eavesdroppers and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Key Generation
WLAN-Minder control centre has a built-in key generation capability that offers a high
integrity but economical default solution including support for on-board key generation for
smart cards and eTokens.

PIN and PUK management
When the private keys have been placed on the smart card, they are protected by the PIN
and PUK codes. The WLAN-Minder PIN security solution automatically generates and sets
the card's PIN and PUK codes.

All actions by the system operators are always securely logged, providing a tamper resistant
audit trail. All communication between administrator and the WLAN-Minder control centre is
based on SSL v3 using strong authentication and encryption. WLAN-Minder control centre
administrators use individual smart cards, permitting varying levels of access to system
functions and procedures.

Multi-vendor and multi-platform support
WLAN-Minder can be used with any other 3rd party Access Points and Wireless LAN
adapters that support 802.1x authentication standard. It supports clients using Windows
XP/2000 platforms.

Multi application support
Via smart cards and eTokens.

Reliable hardware
No moving parts fans / disks. Designed and manufactured in UK.
WiFi Security Centre, WLAN-Minder Picture of Back Pannel

  • Realises the complete Wireless LAN authentication and management, including key
    generation and smart token personalisation.
  • Provides keys and certificates for smart cards and eTokens.
  • Central management of authentication policies and procedures in a standalone RADIUS
    based controller.
  • Generates ITU X.509 certificate format.
  • Supports the PKCS#12 and PKCS#15, standards for PIN and certificate storage.
  • Supports EAP and TLS.
  • Support for LDAP v3 directories, for example, Microsoft Active Directory, Novell
    Directory Services (NDS).
  • Supports PKCS#11 based eTokens / smart cards from Aladdin and Schlumberger.
  • Remote Configuration using HTTP. Local Configuration using RS232 Serial Port. Access
    protected by Administrator smart card.
  • More than one WLAN-Minder may be attached to the wired network to provide
    redundancy and share the authentication workload.
  • Optional VPN support (CISCO VPN client, etc.).
  • Optional support SNMP MIBs.
  • Optional support SMTP mail event notification.
  • Optional biometric based tokens.
  • Optional key archiving facility.
  • Optional UNIX client support.
  • Optional support for Pocket PC Platform.
  • Optional support for Soft Certificates
How it is done
Software running on the WLAN-Minder control centre manages user Authentication and
Authorisation, controlling user's access to the wired network from the wireless LANs, and
monitoring all connections for auditing or billing purposes.

The Authentication task running on the
WLAN-Minder control centre is responsible for checking the
Wireless LAN user credentials. This is achieved using the PKI certificate and checking it against a
central database or directory.
WLAN-Minder allows authentication against existing Directory
Services via LDAP standard protocol.

This process confirms the user is "who they claim to be". The Authorisation task consists of the
provisioning or denial of user access to the wireless and wired network. Access is personalised
according to permissions granted to the user - e.g. specific or group access, session time limits,
time-of-day restrictions, point of access restrictions, etc. Finally, the accounting task logs connection
data concerning all Wireless LAN connections (i.e. user name, time and duration of connection ...)
for use in tracking, billing and auditing.
The WLAN-Minder Solution
The use of WALN-Minder solution together with the IEEE 802.1x standard (enabling access
authentication), overcomes some of the major security drawbacks of a Wireless LAN. Threats such
as intruders who pick off Service Set Identifiers (
SSIDs) and Media Access Control (MAC) addresses,
in order to steal the credentials of an authorised user, and
man-in-the-middle attacks (where
hackers can force a rogue station between an authorised station and an access point) are

The protocol performing the access authentication in
802.1x is called Extensible Authentication
Protocol (EAP) encapsulation over LANs (EAPOL). EAP provides a general framework for several
different authentication methods (from passwords to challenge response tokens and public key
infrastructure certificates). However
WLAN-Minder make use of EAP-TLS, as it provides the highest
level of security. EAP-TLS enables mutual authentication so users and network is protected against
main-in-the-middle attacks. With EAP-TLS, both wireless and client are strongly authenticated to
each other using digital certificates.

EAP-TLS (EAP -Transport Layer Security) uses PKI-issued (Public Key Infrastructure) digital
certificates for strong mutual authentication. The
WLAN-Minder sends its certificate to the client.
The client validates the identity of the
WLAN-Minder and if satisfied, it then sends the client
certificate to the
WLAN-Minder. The exchange of certificates is done in the open before a secured
session is created.

WLAN-Minder will also dynamically change the WEP encryption key, so that the client can be
re-authenticated and re-keyed automatically as often as needed without inconveniencing the end
user. It also performs automatic user log on (after entering the correct PIN) to the approved
Wireless LAN Access Point which is pre-configured on the security token.
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